Man at Desk

D. Gilson

Writer, Researcher, Storyteller

As a public affairs writer, my goal is to help people understand complex information and how to apply that information to their organization or life.

Primarily, my work is focused on issues of multi-cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity, especially in regard to LGBTQ, race, gender, and class issues.

Professional Skills

  • Expert in communication and persuasion in technical, professional, and creative contexts

  • Expert in conducting in-depth research on public policy, technology, culture, diversity, education, and insurance

  • Adept at both writing and managing grants and contracts

  • Adept at managing team projects and providing feedback

  • 12 years of experience mentoring, teaching, and training on writing and communication for diverse audiences

  • 12 years of experience managing, directing, evaluating, and planning research projects for self, teams of employees, and larger departments


My biggest commitment in both my professional and personal work is collaboration, as I believe that our best end products come about from working together. Check out this video of a collaboration between Irish film director Fergal Costello and me based on my poem "Where the Wild Things Go."


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